BMH Tutors Services KS2 / 3

KS2 Primary English, Maths and Science (Years 4, 5 & 6)
KS3 Secondary English, Maths and Science (Years 7, 8 & 9)
SATs and end of year examinations preparation

English, maths and science are taught by highly experienced and qualified tutors who have first hand experience of the National Curriculum. We help students prepare for SATs, end of key stage and end of year examinations. BMH Tutors have the goal of helping students far exceed their expected school performance, and develop them in such a way as to reach their true potential. For each subject, we focus on the following topic areas


To read accurately, fluently and with understanding.
To have good presentational skills, accurate punctuation, correct spelling and legible handwriting. To formulate and express ideas.
Listen, understand and respond appropriately to others


To Develop strategies for solving problems and to use these strategies in both abstract and practical contexts.
To try different approaches in overcoming difficulties in problem solving.
To convey mathematical meaning through consistent use of symbols.



BMH Tutors are the perfect solution to your worries. We offer specialist home tuition or as an alternative your child can join our small groups.

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