Discipline Policy

BMH Tutors Discipline Policy

Missing lessons could result in your child being left behind. With undue absence it is possible for the child to forget the topic because they have not been practicing for long. Without supervision students are not motivated to do the work themselves. We appreciate if the student covers his missed lesson on any other day, whenever feasible.

When exams are imminent, missing lessons could result in disastrous results. It is the aim of our private tutors Birmingham to assure parents of the progress of their child as long as the child is attending on a regular basis & doing his/her homework most of the time.

We at BMH Tutors understand that students may from time to time take time off for holidays etc. However, parents and guardians should be aware that during times where students are close to exams, the focus should be working hard, revising and doing coursework. We find that the best results come when children attend tuition more than once a week – particularly during exam season.

Parents should be aware that success or failure of the child requires support from you too. When the student is at home it is important that you maintain an environment where the child is encouraged and supported to do his studies.

Please ensure that you communicate any concerns or issues you have with us at your earliest convenience. We aim to maintain a close relationship with students so that they are free to express their needs and concerns to us. In this way they will be free to expand their horizons and see that they can truly achieve great results.

How to help make teaching effective

Help the child at home in their homework/encourage him to do his homework. Motivate the child not to miss private tuition lessons.

If the parent or child is busy on tuition day just swap the day to make sure he has his lesson. If there are any last minute issues please try to let us know an hour before the lesson is due to start.

Children are encouraged to ask for help if they do not understand anything. Whenever students make mistakes in their work we look upon it as an opportunity to go through the work so that they understand the correct answer.

Student Tips for Exams

Try not to cram all of your revision the night before.
Leave enough time to get to your exam venue so that you do not arrive late.
If you are getting stressed, try some relaxation techniques so that you stay calm and focused.
Try not to get stressed by predicting what topics might come up in the exam.
Make sure you have all the equipment or resources you need for your exam.

Career Opportunities

New tutors are welcome. Students doing degrees in various fields in universities can also be considered. They should have taken at least two of the following subjects at AS/A Level: with Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry & Biology. They should also have obtained a minimum C grade in their subjects.

BMH Tutors Birmingham are the perfect solution to your worries. We offer specialist home tuition or as an alternative your child can join our small groups.

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