BMH Tutors Services 11 + Grammar

11+ Grammar School Entrance Exams

The 11+ examinations are split into:

The BMH Tutors English tutoring programme consists of activities to develop attributes such as:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non Verbal Reasoning
  • Maths
  • English (Reading comprehension/literacy skills)

In addition, the following training is given to students by BMH Tutors

- Speed training to ensure the child is able to complete the examination paper within specific time constraints.
- Examination papers of similar type to the 'actual' 11+ Examination.
- Confidence Building exercises

Tutors at BMH Tutors have a thorough knowledge of the requirements of all four segments of the 11+ examination as well as the application process. This is supplemented by a very good understanding of the specific requirements of individual Grammar Schools. The 11+ examination can be a period of great stress for both parent and student. BMH Tutors can assist parents in the Grammar School application process by matching the strengths and weaknesses of the child to the individual school assessments.

BMH Tutors have a track record of providing 100% commitment to the tutoring process, giving regular feedback to parents on the progress of their child. We always provide an honest and accurate assessment of your child's potential. As a result, we often achieve success for your child in their 11+ examination.

BMH Tutors are the perfect solution to your worries. We offer specialist home tuition or as an alternative your child can join our small groups.

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