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Are you worried about your child's private tuition in Birmingham?

Is your child affected by the following issues?

  • Falling behind in class
  • Teacher is going fast
  • Targets set too low
  • Disruption in school lessons
  • Finding Maths, English & Science too difficult
  • Difficult entrance test etc...

Why your child should join our private tuition Birmingham team

  • We assure the progress of your child within 3-4 months
  • Affordable tuition fees
  • For new pupils of KS 1/2/3, 2 hours tuition is charged at only £20 and for GCSE & AS/A Level students it will be £25 only
  • Tuition is delivered in small groups; Individual teaching is provided

Producing Results

The true test of the benefit of any Private Tuition
Birmingham is the end result, and the results
from Private Tutors in Birmingham speak for
themselves. The pass rate for any child we target
for 11+ Grammar is 85%-90%. 80% of our GCSE
and A Level students finish with B+ or higher
grades in the subjects we teach them. Even
severely underperforming children who had
previously failed in core subjects have gained at
least a C grade following our tuition.

    Broad Range of Services

  • We have a huge collection of worldwide tutors offering services for a range of subjects.
  • We are able to cater for all your tutoring needs with the use of in-person tutoring as well as online tutoring.
  • Don’t wish to rely on a tutor? We also offer in depth video tutorials for a wide range of subject topics, that you can watch as a group or individually.
  • Offering first-class tuition quality for competitive affordable prices.

Private Tutors in Birmingham are the perfect solution to your worries. We offer Private Tuition Services in Birmingham or as an alternative your child can join our small groups.

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